Send Me: Spiritual Talk by Raban Boutros Kassis (SYGG-Syria)

Very Rev. Raban Dr. Boutros Kassis, Patriarchal Delegate of the Archdiocese of Aleppo and Environs, gives a Spiritual talk during the Suryoyo Youth General Gathering – Syria 2017. The talk was entitled: “Send me” that is the second part of Isaiah’s response. Raban Boutros talked about the Christian mission as a mission of peace and mercy. He added that no one can become a disciple and preacher unless he overcomes the worldly obstacles; the apostle thus should see our Lord Jesus in all humans and should feel and live the pains and others. A true disciple is one who gives all he has yet receives more blessings from the Lord.

After the talk, youth were divided into sharing groups in which they discussed the presented topic and shared their experiences.

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