Funeral and Burial Services of Late Archbishop Mor Gabriel Dahho

On July 25, 2022, His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II celebrated the Funeral Service of the late Archbishop Mor Gabriel Dahho, at St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral in Mor Aphrem Monastery, Maarat Saydnaya.

He was assisted by their Eminences Archbishops: Mor Theophilos George Saliba, Archbishop of Mount Lebanon and Tripoli, Mor Justinos Boulos Safar, Patriarchal Vicar in Zahleh and Beqaa, Mor Dionysius John Kawak, Patriarchal Vicar in the Archdiocese of Eastern USA, Mor Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf, Archbishop of Mosul, Kirkuk, Kurdistan and Environs, Mor Timotheos Matta Al-Khoury, Archbishop of Homs, Hama, Tartous and Environs, Mor Maurice Amsih, Archbishop of Jazeera and Euphrates, Mor Anthimos Jack Yakoub, Patriarchal Vicar for Youth Affairs and Christian Education, Mor Boutros Kassis, Patriarchal Assistant and Patriarchal Delegate for the Archdiocese of Aleppo and Environs, Mor Yacoub Babawi, Patriarchal Vicar for Monks Affairs and the Administration of Mor Aphrem Theological Seminary in Maarat Saydnaya, Mor Severus Roger Akhrass, Patriarchal Vicar for Syriac Studies, Mor Cyril Babi, Patriarchal Vicar for the Patriarchal Archdiocese of Damascus, and Mor Joseph Bali, Patriarchal Secretary and Media Office Director.

The funeral service was also attended by heads of churches in Damascus as well as representatives of Patriarchs and civil authorities and dignitaries.

At the end of the Funeral Service, the late Mor Gabriel Dahho of blessed memory was buried in Mor Aphrem Monastery, Maarat Saydnaya.

His Holiness delivered a eulogy in which he spoke about the qualities of the late Archbishop Mor Gabriel Dahho, his faith and his ministry which distinguished him and made him dear to many. He added that we are humanly sad for being separated but a heavenly hope strengthens our belief that he is in a better place. His Holiness pointed out that life is a bridge that we pass through to reach our eternal and true home. The purpose of life is to have strong faith reflected in good deeds. This is what the Late Mor Gabriel Dahho lived and preached. He was faithful to employ the talents that the Lord bestowed upon him to the service of others. He concluded by praying that the late Mor Gabriel Dahho be counted among the faithful servants who will be rewarded for their faith and ministry.

May his memory be eternal.

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