Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.50.06 PMSAYFO Never Forget 1915-2015 Booklet The above provides only a brief idea of the immense atrocities against our people. The genocide SAYFO ܐܦܝܣ that was unleashed on our people left a profound impact due to its brutality and severity. For those who remained alive, they had no other choice but to flee their homelands, seeking shelter in a safer place, leaving behind their forefathers› land, monasteries and churches, disappearing from the area and unfortunately wiping out their presence. The genocide SAYFO ܐܦܝܣ impacted the numbers of our people as we lost more than 500,000 Syriacs during these atrocities, and the impact continues today as our numbers in Syria, Iraq and Turkey are on the decrease with the new wave of SAYFO ܐܦܝܣ. Indeed, this booklet is just a record of part of what our people sustained and suffered during the genocide against the innocent people of our Church. The memory of “Sayfo ” ܐܦܝܣwill remain with us to strengthen our resolve and pride in being a nation with a unique identity and strong connection to the message of Christ as we proudly carry His cross. Christians will remain in the East ,promoting peace ,forgiveness and the love of Christ no matter what sufferings they face as they experience a renewed “ Sayfo ܐܦܝܣ ” that brings religious discrimination, persecution, sufferings and displacement to our people, reciting with Saint Paul in his Letter to the Romans 8:35: “What will separate me from the love of the Messiah: Suffering, or imprisonment, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” We will never forget the bloodshed of our forefathers and grandfathers which will remain as the fragrance of Christ, increasing our attachment to our land, so we may stand witnesses, as they did, and continue to be the salt of this earth.

Download the booklet: Book-Sayfo-English